Publisher (World Creators)

Optimizing your world for Adlily.


These sections are incomplete, may be inaccurate, and are subject to change. You must be part of the private beta to complete them. If you are interested in joining the beta please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Resolution and Size

Aspect ratio and orientation can be modified in the settings of the individual posters in the Aspect Ratio Selector

Size can be modified by using the rect tool in the Unity editor. Aspect ratio is automatically enforced.

Content Moderation


We plan on adding the ability to exclude content very soon however this feature has not been implemented yet

All advertisement campaigns are classified into several categories to allow publishers to decide the kinds of content they feel comfortable displaying in their world

content can be excluded across all posters in your world through our website or unchecked on individual posters. content needs to be allowed by both the world and individual poster to be allowed

A very important tag that is enabled by default is the Mature tag. This denotes content targeted towards adults. If your world primarily targets children or you, for any reason, do not want advertising targeting adults in your world, you need to disable this. Please refer to the advertiser guidelines for more detailed information about what constitutes mature content and the publisher guidelines to determine if your world is an appropriate place to display it. Keeping mature advertising out of worlds that primarily target children is required by our guidelines and violation will be accompanied with corrective action so please reach out if you are unsure if you qualify.

(picture mousing over mature checkbox in unity editor)

We encourage you to try your best to tailor your allowed advertising to fit the aesthetic and audience of your world as advertising befitting of your world is more likely to interest visitors and generate impressions.

You should, however, be careful not to be too limiting on allowed advertising as we may struggle to provide you enough advertising to fill all of the posters in your world if so.



If there are not enough relevant ad campaigns needing impressions to fill your posters when someone joins your world, posters are generally filled in the order that they are listed in the hierarchy. You should order your posters by importance with the most important at the top

(picture of multiple posters listed in the hierarchy)


All advertisements provided, including ads related to Adlily, are paying ads capable of generating impressions. If a poster is not given an ad, it will hide itself completely because it is our philosophy to never display content in worlds without compensation. Additionally posters will be invisible for players who do not have untrusted urls enabled.


We plan on adding the ability to advertise to users without untrusted urls in the future

There are a few ways to design around this

  • Place the poster such that it doesn't feel like something is missing when it is gone. For example, think about and design around what your walls will look like when they don't have ads on them.

  • Place a picture behind the poster. This allows you to fill the spot whenever an ad isn't showing and allows you to use ads as decoration without worrying about empty spots. An example of one way to do this is advertising your own worlds or yourself when you aren't advertising others

(picture of picture behind ad)


We may add the ability to upload optional filler pictures to your account that get displayed instead of hiding the poster in the future depending on percieved interest from publishers and implementation cost. this would function similarly to the above point but would be automated by our system instead.

Impression Optomisation

You should consider player traffic and impression requirements when placing posters.

You can enable drawn projections of the impression criteria in the poster’s settings. When tested in the Unity editor, these projections will show in real time which criteria are being met and failed

(picture of checkbox to enable moused over and already checked and poster in editor with projections)

Here are some tips to help get the most out your posters:

  • Place posters in areas that are visited frequently. Often this includes areas near where the player spawns in and near key features of your world. Social beacons like mirrors, beds, and campfires can be effect areas too

  • Place posters in areas that naturally cause close proximity. Small rooms can be great for this. turns in hallways and walls opposite doorways are prime real estate as they naturally cause players to walk and look directly towards the poster.

  • Be careful about placing posters in places where the player is likely to run parallel to them like the walls of a hallway as the player may not cleanly view the poster for long enough to register an impression before they walk past it. This is not alway ineffective, it is just recommended that these kinds of placements are tested more rigorously.

  • Don't make posters too small. Smaller posters require the player to be closer to generate impressions.

  • Be conservative and tasteful about how much advertising you add. More advertising means more opportunities to make money, however excessive or intrusive advertising can discourage players from wanting to visit or stay in your world long term.


Once you have added your world to our system and placed at least one poster, we can start recording analytics. This can be viewed on our website in the publisher tab

(picture of analytics tab for an active world)

Here is some of the information we provide and how we think it could help you:

Occupants, Visits, Average Visits per Unique Player and Average Stay Duration can help you monitor the performance and growth of your world as well as quantify how factors like time, day of the week, and special events affect activity in your world

Impressions and Estimated Pay can help you understand how much you are earning and how that income has changed over time

Individual Poster Performance can help you understand if any posters are underperforming and if changes made to them helped them perform better

Visitor information like location, platform, and retention can help you understand the kinds of audiences your world appeals to and how best to cater to them

Analytics are intended only to be used to identify trends in data. All information is anonymised and provided in aggregate to prevent information from being associated with individual players and protect the privacy of your visitors.