Poster Resources

Getting Started Creating Posters


These sections are incomplete, may be inaccurate, and are subject to change. You must be part of the private beta to complete them. If you are interested in joining the beta please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

our internal advertising was created through Figma (opens in a new tab) an online vector graphics editor

Here is a basic tutorial of how to create and download a simple poster with this program

Create a Project Workspace

create an account

click on + design file in the top right

Create a Frame

click on the grid icon and select a frame. Draw a rectangle on the canvas

Select the frame and set the width and height to the desired resolution. (9 x 16 posters are 256 x 455, 512 x 910, 1024 x 1820)

Make a Poster

Use text, shapes, and pictures to create an advertisement


Select frame and click the last setting at the bottom called Export. Export the frame as a png.

Some Simple Tips For Good Design

There are a few important aspects you want to consider when designing your poster.

Depending on what you are advertising, this may or may not apply to you. These tips are mainly focused on results driven advertising for beginners. As long as you are using our system in a way that is apropriate and inline with our Advertiser guidelines, you may design your posters however you please.

Simplicity and Visual Comunication

Many impressions are going to be brief glances and players looking towards, but not nessisarily paying attention to, your poster

Effective advertising should be comprehendable in a matter of seconds and without focus

Any text you want to be understood in this phase should be very large and very concise. Often this can just be your username, company, or hook.

outside of that, You should rely on visual cues. The brain is a lot better at remebering what something looks like than what is written on it. add logos, show pictures of your product or service, style your poster to mimic what someone would expect a poster advertising your kind of thing to look like. A good test for this to able to remove all of the text from your poster and still understand roughly what is being advertised.

keep it simple and clean though. Add too much and everything becomes a blur. You want players to subconsiouly internalise that part of their environment as posters related to "trackers", "dating app", "techno club event", etc. and not just skim over it as a rectange with a lot of text and pictres


Initial Impressions only last a couple seconds but you dont just want people to walk past your poster. You want them to stop and look at it.

That means during that initial impression you need to catch their attention and give them a reason to want to keep reading.

add a witty slogan or say something surprising, show a really cool avatar, show a really cool picture of your world, add really interesting or creative stylisation, etc.

it doesnt need to appeal to everyone, but it should really catch the attention to your target audience.


now that the player has stopped and is looking at your ad, you can slow down and tell them more

A naiive player with no additional context on the advertisement should understand what you are showing them and what you want them to do about it

You still dont need to fully sell them on everything, you only need to tell them just enough to convince them to use one of your funnels where they can find out everything they could want to know about everything you offer. Just stick to the really compelling information about what sets you apart because the more text you add, the harder it is to retain simplicity and initial appeal.


make reaching out or learning more as quick and easy as possible. The impulse to want to dig deeper is often fleeting so streamlining transfer to other platforms can be very effective.

QR codes can be fantasitic for instantly redirecting non-quest users. additionally discord servers, websites, email, patreon, youtube, and twitch are many ways to convert on interested players.

Aesthetic Appeal

How your ad looks is important beyond how it affects functionality and attention grabbing. your poster reflects upon you and your product. Think about how elements of your advertisment align with how you want people to percive you. sharp corners or rounded, red or blue, feelings and ideas or technical information and numbers. all of these affect how people percieve the content.

Most importantly though, make something you are proud of. Try not to get too overwhelmed trying to craft the perfect, most optimised advertisment. If it looks nice and comunicates what it needs to, it will probably work fine.

This is why intrusive and intentionally ugly advertising is ultimately ineffective. It does a fantastic job at attention grabbing but undermines credibility and makes people asociate negative emotions with the content because it is annoying.

Quality and Resolution