Publisher (World Creators)
Guidelines & Policies

Publisher Guidelines

Adlily's publisher guidelines are designed to help you understand the types of content we allow on our network so that you can feel comfortable monetizing your worlds with Adlily.

We have a team that reviews worlds on the Adlily platform. If we find that a world violates our policies, we will take action against the world or the publisher account. Actions may include disabling advertising, suspending your account from the Adlily platform, and withholding revenue in cases of fraud or abuse.

Intrusive Content

Adlily prioritizes user experience and strives to display posters that are non-intrusive. We refuse to display posters in worlds that intentionally obstruct or prevent users from viewing the content of the world.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Pop-ups or interstitials that interfere with user navigation, either by obscuring the world’s content or by requiring users to click on the poster before navigating to the content.
  2. Overlays containing advertising that partially or completely cover the world’s content or require a user to view or click to dismiss the overlay before accessing the world’s content.
  3. Posters that are overwhelmingly large in size or by quantity, for example, you may not place an excessive number of posters in an area or place posters that are too large for the area.
  4. Posters that are the primary content of the world, for example, you may not create a world that is solely a poster, or a world that is primarily a poster with minimal or no content.

In short, posters should be placed tastefully and should not interfere with the user experience of the world. Don't try to place posters in a way that will annoy your users. We want to work with you to create a great experience for everyone.

Accessibility & Visibility

Adlily is a platform for advertisers to display their content in worlds. We expect publishers to respect the advertisers that use the Adlily platform.

Infringements of this include, but are not limited to:

  1. Altering the display of posters. For example, you may not change the color of a poster or add additional text to a poster. Posters should be displayed exactly as they are provided by the advertiser.
  2. Applying filters to posters. For example, you may not apply a blur or other filter to a poster that would make it difficult to read. Exceptions may be made for filters that are applied to the entire world.
  3. Displaying posters in a way that will make them difficult to view. Posters may contain fine print, so you must ensure that they are displayed in a way that will make them easy to read.
  4. Placing or moving posters into locations that are not visible to users. For example, you may not place posters underground or behind other objects.

Abuse & Malicious Usage

Abuse of the Adlily platform is not tolerated. We will take action against any publisher that willfully abuses the platform.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Botting or otherwise artificially inflating impressions or interactions.
  2. Manipulating the Adlily platform in a way that is not intended, for example, using scripts or other methods to alter the intentional behavior of Adlily scripts and services.